What is Money?

In this podcast we talk about the meaning of money in a modern society and how it is used for payment in exchange for goods and services.

Money is a commodity used for payment in exchange for goods and services. In South Africa we think of money as rands and cents and prices are expressed in these terms.

In South Africa commercial banks issued banknotes until 1922, when the function was taken over by the SA Reserve Bank, the country’s central bank established in 1921 for this purpose.

The value of items and the prices of goods and services are expressed in terms of money. For instance, the price of a bread is stated as R12,95 at your local store, or the value of cleaning your dad’s car is worth R50 to him. Likewise, remuneration is determined in monetary terms, for instance R5 000 per month. The implication is that money serves as a common denominator to express cost, value and income. In expressing cost, value and income in one common measurement, it is also possible to make comparisons to determine what is expensive and what is cheap

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What is Money?
Episode 34