About Civics Academy

Civics Academy is an independent, not-for-profit online education initiative in South Africa. We offer free video and audio content aiming to inform and to strengthen democratic values and responsible citizenship. As such Civics Academy covers educational content related to democracy, governance, elections, political parties, the justice system, the Constitution, economics, civil society, human rights and the environment.

Led by the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Hanns Seidel Foundation, Civics Academy is an initiative which partners with diverse stakeholders involved in youth education and empowerment initiatives. We would like to encourage you to share our videos and podcasts with others in your local school, university, organisation and broader community.

We believe that civic education is a prerequisite for a well functioning democracy. It is imperative that new generations have a thorough understanding of the democratic system and an appreciation of the values that are meant to govern our society.

The Civics Academy content is purely educational. We offer our online content to diverse platforms aiming to engage young people on critical topics relevant to South Africa’s constitutional democracy. Impressions from such engagement activities can be found on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Please follow us and join the conversation.