What is the Role of Ward Committees in a Municipality?

In this video we define the nature, functions, and responsibilities of ward committees.

A ward is an area in a metro or local municipality, which has clearly defined boundaries. A ward committee is a democratically elected body which represents a wide variety of community interests and meets regularly under the chairperson who is the ward councillor.

Committees can have up to 10 members and must represent a variety of interest groups. They may also be elected on a geographical basis. These  committees are a link between the municipality and the community.

In a committee there should be at least 4 meeting in a year, whereby the ward councillors must report back to their wards on a quarterly basis. There are other instances when ward committees must meet. Committee members do not receive payment but may be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses.

Essentially, a ward committee should be an effective way of spreading information concerning what your community wants from municipal council and what council is doing. Make it work.

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