What is the South African Bill of Rights?

This video takes a historical look at the Bill of Rights, which is Chapter 2 of the Constitution. The signing of the Constitution marks the end of Apartheid, and it put in place many of the Human Rights that were systematically violated in the past.

Apartheid laws and policies discriminated against people of colour with regard to socio-economic and cultural rights as well as civil and political rights. Apartheid pass laws required people of colour to carry passes to enter areas reserved for white people. Under these laws many people were evicted, moved far away from cities and work opportunities. White people also had much better access to health care services. Health care services for people of colour were severely underfunded. Schooling for people of colour was also deliberately inadequate. Many people or organisations that opposed the laws and policies of apartheid were banned and public gatherings could easily be prohibited.

One of the purposes of the Bill of Rights is to ensure that human rights are protected in South Africa.

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