Why should you vote?

In this video we look at why we as citizens of Zimbabwe should vote. This video is part of the Civics Academy Election Series for Zimbabwe. 

Life in Zimbabwe poses many challenges, and we all have different ideas about how to make our country a better place in which to live. In any democracy, the power and right to govern should therefore ultimately lie with the people. During the colonial era millions of black Zimbabweans were forced to live under the decisions of a government for which they were not allowed to vote. 

The right to vote was one of the most important driving forces behind the liberation struggle. The principle of ‘one man, one vote’ is the cornerstone of a democratic and free society and the basis for equality. But because we cannot all be politicians; we delegate this representative power to our political leaders. To do this, we vote. When we vote in elections, we choose who we think should represent us and our interests in government. By voting for them we give permission or a ‘mandate’ to politicians to take decisions on our behalf. That’s what we call a representative democracy. All our democratic representatives are expected to respect the country’s Constitution and represent voters’ interests when governing the country.

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